Data overview

Your privacy is very important to us and we take it very seriously. Please read our Data Policy and let us know if you have any questions or feedback regarding it.

We work hard at keeping our apps GDPR compliant at all times and to follow local privacy regulations.

This data overview is a simplified/shortened overview of which personal data is used, where, by whom any why. For more information, please read our full privacy policy here:


The app also utilizes analytics tool (usage data) in order to understand how users engage with the app and how to improve it. When you use the app, your device automatically sends certain information to our analytics partners Firebase by Google and Facebook. The information gathered includes, for example, the device type, the session length, and interactions with various user interface elements (buttons) in the game.

Wherever possible, we try to restrict our partners to collect only anonymous data but it’s not always fully possible. We keep monitoring partner tools’ updates in order to keep anonymizing data collection along the way.

This analytics data does NOT include your private gameplay data or private profile data.


To use the app, you need to create a user with personal data, for example, your first name, e-mail address and profile picture. Some of these are necessary in order to manage gameplay with your friends/opponents and present your answers and guesses to your friends/opponents in an entertaining and logic way. It also makes it possible to come back into the game after an app reinstall (e.g. when getting a new device).

You can also create a user with Facebook login or Sign in with Apple. By using any of these options, you accept their respective privacy policies and acknowledge that they can submit to the app. You can remove your consent at any time in Facebook’s app settings in your web browser or in your Apple privacy settings.

Your personal user and gameplay data will ONLY be used for the services you use in the app as well as troubleshooting.

We do not verify the data you use for creating your user. This means that it is possible for you to use anonymized e-mail addresses, fake names and profile pictures if you want to. However, it is important that you do not violate the rights of others (see terms).

Profile and gameplay data is saved in the cloud using an API that is hosted by Amazon Web Services by encrypted connections. Here, data is stored and sent back and forth to/from the app. This is to enable you playing with opponents on different devices which is how the game works.

Staff who has access to your data are bound by Non-Disclosure-Agreements.


The app also utilizes push notification tools in order for you to know when it’s your turn to play, when friends/opponents has written in the chat and more.

We use the tools Firebase by Google for these features.

When you use the app, your device automatically sends certain information to our push notification partners. The information gathered includes, for example, the device type, the session length, IP address and device identifiers. We limit the use of IP addresses and device identifier wherever possible and continue to monitor tool updates in order to keep doing so.

You can always opt-out of push notifications by going to your device settings and disabling the app’s permissions to send your device push notifications. You can also deny this right when using the app for the first time (where the app asks you if you want to allow push notifications or not). You can always edit your settings in the user settings section in the app.


If you no longer want us to use your IP address and mobile advertising ID then you need to stop using the app (and perhaps delete your user) or follow the “Opt Out” links for the respective services. Please see the full privacy policy for more information and links:


It’s your right to be forgotten which means that you can request to have all of the generated data deleted permanently. In the app, there is a “Delete me” feature that makes making this request very easy.

In case of a deletion request, we perform a complete deletion of your data in our systems e.g. profile and gameplay data as well as any analytics and push notification data.

After having sent the request, it’s important that you delete the app to stop generating more/new data.

Please notice that all data will be deleted including game progress, purchases and email history. We will therefore not be able to recognize you in the future or restore any data.


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If you have any question concerning our usage of personal data please contact us.

Please do read the full privacy policy first here:


The Data overview was last updated on 2020/30/07.